Friday, December 25, 2015


   College life is fun !. Every single thing about college is fun including a bundle of assignment, field work and tiring group projects every semester. If u thought college is the same as high school then you are very wrong.Even though the environment is quite similar, high school is a place to find who we are and college is the place to embrace who we are. it can be either academically or spiritually, yet both are fine. In finding ways to embrace ourselves, we might encounter a lot of  difficulties but it's okay remember, "it need more than one egg to make an omelet".
    I remember the first day I stepped my feet on college and it is quite depressing and exciting at the same time. I felt like I was in a bizarre new world, things isn't supposed like I used to remember.    

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Summarize of 3c leadership model

Generally leader is known as a person who leads other. What makes someone a leader is because they have a vision, a drive and a commitment to achieve that vision, and the skills to make it happen. But a successful leader is the person who have these 3 distinct attribute which are “Clarity, Courage, Connection”- Val Williams, Professional Coaching and Training, Inc. She state the these there attribute where proves to be needed by a successful leader due to her experience of coaching senior executives since 1994.Thus, there is numerous theories about 3C’s Model of Leadership and based on Thornton’s 3c leadership model, Thornton said “challenge, confident, and coaching”.                                  

     Based on Thornton’s 3c leadership model, Challenge is the most famous n widely used by the manager to push their employee out from their comfort zone reaching higher goals. Challenge can be anything such as provide variety of assignment, use benchmarking to reveal the best practice of others and used that as challenge. Once a challenge paid off, try a new one for benefit of company.
     Another one is confident. Confident generally know as bold, sure of oneself, and having strong belief. In Thornton’s 3c leadership model, after the employee have been force to work extra hard (challenge) to achieve an extremely high goal they must be tired thus damage on a lot of factor such physical and mental. The leader must be try to convince the employee and at the same time increase their confident on how to achieve those goal. Leader can recognizing and rewarding positive accomplishment rather than focusing on deficiencies, empowering them by proving both responsibility and authority, and etc.
     Last ones is coaching. Coaching are processes that showing individual to achieve their full potential via advises. Based on Thornton’s 3c leadership model, coaching may help employee in better understanding on the task that they did and the way how they can achieve the goal, there by allowing them to make a better decision. The leader can proving feedback immediately after the employee performs some important task , and posing carefully formulated question design to improve their understanding by leading them to think the situation. 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Acknowledgement for your reasearch


  We take this opportunity to express my profound gratitude and deep regards to our guide___ for his exemplary guidance, monitoring and constant encouragement throughout the course of this thesis. The blessing, help and guidance given by him time to time shall carry me a long way in the journey of life on which We about to embark.

  We also take this opportunity to express a deep sense of gratitude to all of our research teammates, for cordial support, valuable information and guidance, which helped each other  in completing this task through various stages.

   We obliged to members of _______, for the valuable information provided by them in their respective fields. We grateful for their cooperation during the period of our assignment.

  Lastly, We thank almighty, our parents, brother, sisters and friends for their constant encouragement without which this assignment would not be possible.